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Comparative Pathology Lab

Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathology & Histopathology Processing

These services include mutant mouse phenotyping, diagnostic gross necropsy examinations with tissue characterizations and recording of organ weights, diagnostic histological examinations with interpretations from prepared hematoxylin & eosin stained slides, research project dissections, tissue collections, special preparations or staining.  We have advanced photographic capabilities in the necropsy facility for recording anatomic areas of interest.

The Comparative Pathology Laboratory regularly provides services to most of the University of California (UC) campuses and has close ties to many of their rodent biology programs.  However, much of our workload also comes from commercial biotechnology companies and outside academic institutions. 

Some of the organizations we deal with on the UC Davis campus include:

  • UC Davis Medical Center Research Labs
  • UC Davis Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM)/Mouse Biology Program (MBP)
  • Campus Laboratory Animal Services (CLAS/TRACS)
  • Campus Veterinary Services (CVS)

CPL often provides services to scientists developing custom bred rodent strains for use in stem cell and pharmaceutical development.

Anatomic Pathology Necropsy Room

The Comparative Pathology Laboratory has staff pathologists available to consult with you about your particular project.  They can consult with you about your project focus and define necropsy activities, as well as ensure that histopathology evaluations target the anatomic areas of interest.  Please call to arrange a consultation with a staff pathologist.