School of Veterinary Medicine

Comparative Pathology Lab

Polyclonal Antibody Production

The Comparative Pathology Laboratory has the capability to maintain colonies of rabbits, guinea pigs or mice in order to produce specific antibodies for research.   The highly skilled CPL staff will accept your own custom antigen preparations and perform protocol-prescribed injections.   Following protocol instructions, the CPL staff will perform blood collections and process the whole blood for final serum harvesting.  If you prefer, we can offer technical support on blood collection strategies for your own protocols

CPL will maintain your antibody preparation at the lab, frozen or refrigerated (as requested), until you come to claim your product.  Planning for an antibody protocol setup is highly individual.  Before project start-up, we require the completion of a simple amendment questionnaire related to our current IACUC protocol, so please call the laboratory for a friendly consultation with our staff.

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