Blood smear from leukemic mouse

Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology

Roche Integra 400 PlusWith a specialization in rodent research, the Comparative Pathology Laboratory is able to offer:

  • The ability to perform clinical chemistry analysis with as little as 40 uL of serum, plasma, or urine; and as little as 30 uL of whole blood for complete blood counts.
  • Assays that have been validated for use in rodents and other animal research species.
  • Custom chemistry panels to suit a variety of needs.
  • Roche Integra 400 Plus
  • Drew HemaVet 950

Please contact us for questions about sample analysis and volumes, or to schedule a submission.




Rate code

Blood collection   Collection of blood by venipuncture at necropsy with or without serum separation P140
CBC   Hemogram, machine differential, platelet count, and total solids if sufficient sample volume C010
Serum chemistry panel   ALT, AST, ALP,T. Bili, Ca, Phos, BUN, Creat, Gluc, TP, Albumin. C130
Serum chemistry panel - Liver/Kidney only   ALT, AST, ALP, T.Bili, BUN, Creat, TP, Albumin C120
Serum chemistry panel - Comprehensive   ALT, AST, ALP, Amylase, TP, Albumin, BUN, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Glucose, If sample permits, also Na, K, Cl, and Tbili. C090

Other assays, including individual serum chemistry tests, are available. Please inquire


Chemistry and Hematology Submission Guidelines

For Hematology:

Collect 50 uL of whole blood into EDTA (recommend BD Microtainer #365974; by Becton Dickinson), being careful to mix thoroughly and gently. Place tubes into a freezer box or zipper storage bag, and ship on ice packs. If shipping in zipper storage bags, please be sure to insulate samples with paper towels or similar material as direct contact with the ice packs can cause the specimen to freeze.

For Clinical Chemistries:

For most chemistry assays, serum is preferred. We recommend BD Microtainer gel serum separators (Becton Dickinson, #365967) for serum collection. Please contact us regarding clinical chemistry submissions so that we can discuss collections, sample volumes, and storage/shipping.


Product Recommendations

Becton Dickenson

BD Microtainer w/ EDTA #365974



Microtainer EDTA #365974


Becton Dickenson

BD Microtainer serum separator with gel #365967

Microtainer serum separator with gel #365967