Molecular Diagnostics / PCR

Molecular Diagnostics / PCR

Comprehensive quantitative PCR and RT-PCR assays for viral, bacterial and metazoan pathogens of rodent, ruminant, and aquatic animals. Assays can be developed as novel pathogens are discovered (Mouse Kidney Parvovirus or Murine Chapparvovirus (MuCPV)) or outbreaks occur.









MKPV amplification curves
Assay for Murine Chapparvovirus (aka Mouse Kidney Parvovirus)
Optimal sample is kidney (pink curve). Fresh feces (blue curve) or a cage swab (yellow curve) can be submitted but are less sensitive samples.



Recommended Sample Type(s)

Rate code

Rodent pathogens      
  Corynebacterium bovis fur/skin swab, skin, environmental/cage swab B070
  Helicobacter (Species, h. hepaticus, h. bilis, h. rodentium, h. typhlonius) cecal wall, feces (up to five fecal pellets can be pooled), environmental swab B020
  Mycoplasma sp. (All species) cell culture, lung, oral swab, abscess swab B060
  Pseudomonas aeruginosa cecal contents, feces, environmental swab B070
  Encephalitozoon cuniculi feces, kidney B070
  Fur Mites (Myocoptes musculinis, Radfordia/Myobia sp.) fur swab, environmental/cage swab B090
  Pinworms (Aspiculuris tetraptera, Syphacia obvelata, Syphacia muris) feces, environmental/cage swab B070
  Pneumocystis carinii/murina lung B040
  Mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) feces, liver B130
  Mouse kidney parvovirus (MKPV) kidney, feces, urine B120
  Mouse norovirus (MNV) feces, environmental swab B080
  Mouse parvovirus 1-7 (MPV) mesenteric lymph node, feces, spleen B110
Zoonotic pathogens      
  Q fever (Coxiella burnettii) amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, whole blood (EDTA tube) B050
Aquatic animal pathogens      
  Edwardsiella ictaluri whole fish, head B070
  Ichthyophthirius multifiliis whole fish, head B070
  Mycobacterium (Species, M. chelonae, H. haemophilum, M. marinum) whole fish, gut B070

Other assays and assay development services are available. Please inquire


Please submit samples in a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube when possible.  The seal-rite tubes are preferable since they have a tighter seal.  If submitting large samples, a 15 or a 50ml conical tube will suffice.  If submitting feces or swabs, up to 5 fecal pellets or 5 swabs can be pooled into one tube.  Ship samples to the lab priority overnight via FedEx or UPS.  Samples should be shipped in an insulated container with ice packs.  Please contact the lab with any questions.

Preferred Sample Collection Tubes

USA Scientific: Seal-Rite® 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge Tubes:  #1615-2500

Preferred sample collection tubes